A person who is bold in devising plans in timely manner and whose decisions, rather than being led by others, are conscious and reason-based is assertive.

To sum up our discussion from the last few posts, a submissive behavior is generally desire-driven or frailty-driven, passive behavior is leisure-driven or diffidence-driven, aggressive behavior is ego-driven while oppressive behavior is vanity-driven.

In life, a middle way behavior is required to counter various unwanted state of affairs. A behavior that guides the person to listen to reason and conscience, stand against even the slightest whims of subjugation, express and convince true opinions, and radiate a reputable impression. The key to this moderate approach is, as you guessed, assertiveness. In a nutshell, assertive behavior is intellect-driven. Normally, an assertive behavior succeeds in achieving aimed goals without affronting or belittling anyone.

Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, avers:

“The only healthy communication style is assertive communication.”

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