Month: February 2015

Science: Curse or Blessing?

Abstract Science is a great discovery of human quest for truth. I think science is both, curse and blessing. We can call it a blessing when it has positive effects on us e.g. providing medicines for healing of illnesses. And we may state it a curse when it has negative effects towards society e.g. destructive weapons. There must be a certain limit on science to control negative effects of science on humanity. The conceptual satisfaction of a person is achieved through religion, philosophy and finer literature. However the practical satisfaction of human needs is fulfilled through technology, basic and advanced. Science is the knowledge that bridges the gap between conceptual and practical fulfillment of diverse human needs. In addition, science gives authenticity to religious, philosophical, literary and technological works. It rectifies the deficiencies of all. The word, science originated from the Latin word ‘Scientia’ which means ‘Knowledge’.Thus it is the knowledge attained through practices and studies about nature and universe. Also anything that can be explained in mathematical terms is called science. When there was no science we had conjectural and obscure knowledge about things and events. Scientists are people who have expert knowledge about science; they explore material things and try to figure out patterns and rules to explain what they are and how they work. I think, science can be stated as a blessing but also a...

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