Month: April 2015

Time Management

Please “comment” of the aforesaid title. Poll; What is time management? Benefits of time management. How to manage time effectively? What are some time management tools? Sayings/quotations related to time. Any fact about time or time management. Pure opinions/thoughts on time...

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Greed: Good or Bad – Scientific Views

Abstract Greed is an extreme crave of human desire. I think it is a curse because it is harmful; physically, mentally and spiritually. Moreover, it is caused due to two reasons; first, the undue eagerness of achieving one’s wishes. Second, feeling of hatred and bitterness against someone because of their possessions. However, patience is the key to diminish greed. Adopt and practice patience to live a happy life with a wise mindset. Greed – Nature and Definition Everyone has varied material possessions, but the majority feel a sense of dissatisfaction towards them and wish to get more and more worldly items. The wish to get more of anything is called a desire. Everybody has his/her own set of desires and he/she is very eager to realize them. Generally, the unnecessary desire for something is called greed. Greed is an extreme appetite of desires and that desire is acute craving for more wealth and/or power. Furthermore, a greedy person realizes those desires by behaving impatiently and unjustly. These people may learn from Abu Bakr’s nice words: “It is difficult to be patient but to waste the rewards for patience is worse.” Abu Bakr is explaining that even if patience is difficult and hard, its sufferings can never be compared with the joys of rewards attained after patience i.e. they are wonderful. Thus, both of these methodologies; difficulty during patience and rewards after...

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