Month: July 2015

Environmental Hazards – A Few Humanistic Solutions

Abstract Earth and the total of all surroundings of a living organism is our environment. Moreover, the very condition of environment is the reflection of human and non-human activities. In this era, due to mankind’s undue interference, safe environment is depleting day by day. We propounded a few safety measures against this calamity. Introduction – Nature and Definition Human beings are living together from ages in this earth and they have found plenteous occasions to intermingle with one another i.e. they interact, willy-nilly, for better collective life. However, the interactive life of human beings sometime creates environmental hazards in this earth. Technically, earth and surroundings of all living organisms is the environment. Environment has various effects on development of living and non-living things. There are two categories of environment; natural and artificial. Natural environment includes greenery and all living and non-living things; this environment is fresh and pure, so that, it is valuable for people’s health. On the other hand, artificial environment comprises of man-made environs i.e. everything made by human beings, it can be good as well as bad. Environmental Hazards Scientific advancements have positive as well as negative impacts on earth and its environment, for example, chemical industry creates pollution and contaminates water. Nowadays, due to mankind’s unjust intervention, natural environment is contaminating, day in and day out. Pollution, global warming, deforestation and soil erosion are the...

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