Month: August 2015

Failure Is Forerunner of Success – A Conceptual Critique

Abstract Two words which haunt and attract all and sundry, day and night, are failure and success, respectively. We proposed that failure is not fate; rather, a perishing scene and success is not a destination; instead, a continuous journey. Moreover, the two wings of a successful flight of human struggle are a positive mindset and wise working approach. By following these effective attitudes, one can achieve the highest level of success i.e. good health, inner satisfaction, recognition, and position. Introduction Human nature, inevitably, at all occasions, craves for success and glory. Mankind will cease to make development if they don’t yearn for success. Now there are a couple of questions which, curiously and skeptically, appear in our mind. Is the concept of failure and success systematic i.e. only certain types of individuals can reach success point; whereas others’ fate is to perish during the struggle or is it a man himself who chooses his own destiny? How have our past role models succeeded, remarkably, that the world is developing, day by day, and what was their roadmap for success? The answers to these questions are concisely available in this article. Success is described as the realization of some aim while failure is to be abortive in doing so. Human struggle simply means the forceful efforts made in one’s journey to reach the desired destination or to accomplish a specific...

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