Month: May 2016

Significant Trends and Theme of the 21st Century

Age of a single person is normally calculated in days, months and years. On the contrary, at a collective level, the age of a group or nation is generally measured in decades and centuries. The collective approach of duration is referred as era or age. An era manifests collective character traits or theme of one or more generations. In this article, we have pithily discussed some interesting dimensions relevant to the 21st century’s theme. According to the dictionary, the subject or main idea in a talk, a piece of writing or a work of art is called theme (1). For example, the theme of a place is manifested through its landscape. The theme of a story is understood by its deduced lessons. The theme of an essay is reflected in its summary/abstract. The theme of a human being lies in his/her purpose of life. Likewise, the theme of an age is revealed by the overall profile, ideational and practical, of the relevant generation(s). Age is an arbitrary concept. Let us assume hypothetically, commencement of a certain era is an empty plot and ideas are seeds of varied plants. When these seeds are sowed into the spacious lawn (ideational efforts) and preserved properly (practical efforts), they evolve into dazzling flowers and wondrous trees, occupying the bare space and turning the garden into a lively landscape. Symbolically, it signifies, the ultimate...

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