Month: August 2017

Interdependence: Nature & Definition

Interdependence is the reciprocated reliance or dependence between individuals or groups. Any of the integrated group or individual is neither completely self-contained nor utterly dependent. Accordingly, removal or withdrawal of some portion from the whole can result in deteriorating the entire reliance. Take the example of the image at right, imagine what would happen if only a single stone were to tumble! In case of diversity, if we assume humans are interdependent beings, isolation of any single group can upshot unwelcomed consequences to the entire humanity. Robert Putnam, Harvard political scientist, also infers: “the problem isn’t ethnic conflict or...

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Global Interdependence: Art of Understanding

The world, one may say, is presented as a depiction of diversity. We are distinct based not only on our appearances and lineage, but also on our beliefs and opinions. The relentless clashes between groups that we witness today do not transpire owing to mere simplicity of diversity, but because how gravely some take differences even to the extremes of bigotry and imposition. Compulsion, what I see, is not an illustration of dedication to one’s belief or group. Broadening the insight so one can encompass the quality of acknowledging differences, and still leave room for learning, is the true...

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