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Suicidal Explosion in Lahore

Ring Ring, Ring Ring…”Hello!”, my Mother says. “Are you guys fine?”, asks my mother’s relative. “Yes…why?”, my Mother replies. A bomb blast just took place in Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park, Lahore (my city), Pakistan. 60 people, mostly women and children, have died and 200 others have been wounded. Even though rescue reached there, this toll is expected to increase, say the doctors at hospitals. Due to a suicidal bombing, small feet, with their bags hung at their back, won’t be able to go to school anymore, or anywhere. Families may have perished. Many may have faced a loss and will be at depression; just because of a single, ignorant fool. Let us hope for the best of this world, and pray for...

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A Few Practices to Stay Healthy – Discover in TeenInk

“If you work for a living, then why do you kill yourself working?” ~ Unknown Health is the greatest gift of life. This is usually realized when one is in feeble health. More to the point, during fine health and comfort-zone, death is nothing but unimaginable. Such mentality is wrong, for the development of spiritual level and sustenance of health. Read my article on “Health is Wealth” to discover a few practices to stay healthy: Health is Wealth...

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Greed: Good or Bad? Featured on TeenInk

Some say, greed is the source of encouragement and motivation, so it is good. But, at the same time, it is an aftereffect of pride and vanity; as a result, it is obviously bad. But how can greed be both, simultaneously? Find the answer to this dilemma here: Greed: Good or...

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