Author: Muhammad Ashhar

Are Citizens of the World Succeeding in Lessening Global Poverty?

Abstract Lessening global poverty is a challenging task but citizens should work incessantly on this issue. Currently, global data indicates that citizens are generally failing in lessening global poverty. It is a curse and needs scientific/humanistic treatments for complete eradication. It is responsibility of every individual/government to work against poverty. My article pinpoints some issues related to poverty and suggests a few conventional and innovative measures against this curse. Focal idea of the article is; promotion of entrepreneurship among poor section of society through effective financing and training which will lessen global poverty. Introduction – Nature and Definition Poverty is a global phenomenon. Oxford dictionary defines poverty as: “it is a state of being poor”. Poor is a person who has no essential food items to eat, no proper shelter to live, no potable water to drink, no proper disposal arrangements for garbage, no required transportation to move, no needed medication for health and no appropriate institutions for education. In nutshell, poor can’t satisfy his/her fundamental needs. There are two types of poverty: Absolute and Relative. Absolute poverty is referred to deprivation of people’s basic needs which includes food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, health care and education i.e. they can’t fulfill their needs. On the other hand, relative poverty is defined contextually: “It is the condition in which people lack the minimum amount of income needed in order to...

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Terrorism in Pakistan

Abstract Terrorism is a major issue in Pakistan. It has disturbed the whole fabric of our society. There are countless bloody spots everywhere due to terrorism. We need unity against this adversity. The ideological foundation of terrorism is extremism. Oxford dictionary defines terrorism as; “The use of violence in order to achieve political aims or to force a government according to what they desire.” The lust for power is thus ultimate reason of terrorism. Oxford dictionary defines terrorist; “A person who takes part in terrorism or violent activities against innocent people or state functionaries.” Terrorists are basically power-hungry people; they adopt a shortcut route towards power corridor of a country. The prominent causes of terrorism can be grouped into five broad categories Psychological, Social, Economic, Political & Global. The prominent psychological reason of terrorism is rigid or dogmatic beliefs (a rigid or dogmatic belief is unscientific and irrational), a rigid belief leads, inevitably, some persons towards violent behavior. The social reason of terrorism is religious and racial extremism. The economic reason of terrorism is income inequality and poverty. The political reason of terrorism is the absence of meritorious polity and democracy in a country. The sole reason of global terrorism is desire to control maximum resources, both human and non-human, of the world. We may adopt five approaches towards eradication of terrorism; Quality Education – Quality education enables people...

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