Globalization, Global Interdependence & Art of Understanding

Global Interdependence, the dependency of human beings on each other, will not be built on mere biological or anthropological common grounds; rather on the fact that the entire humanity is inseparably connected by the bonds of emotional thoughts and purposes, and by the fabric of the universe itself. Once a person starts accepting this reality, distinct races, religions, or opinions become out-and-out superficial.

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Now, let us recall the definition of globalization: “the process of ideas, products, and people moving around the planet with greater ease and efficiency.” Globalization has made humanity more linked. A study reveals that 1/4th of the planet today is connected. Apart from worldwide economic integration, customs and cultures of regions, which are separated by distances, can be reached out to effortlessly. Owing to internet and modern conveniences, the dissemination of thoughts has boosted manifold, even among the common masses. Approximately, more than half of the world’s population now uses the internet.

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Obviously, this provides an open gateway to bias and discord, even bigotry and abuse. But, at the same time, this is also an opportunity to be associated with the world with acknowledgment. Humanity finds herself at the crossroads. In order to avail all-inclusive advantage of what globalization is offering us at present, we need to unshackle ourselves from contingencies of biological, ethnical and familial identities, and embrace the quality of understanding, wholeheartedly.

Globalization is demanding global interdependence; global interdependence is demanding the art of understanding.

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