An event in which an individual strives to realize a certain objective is called endeavor. Life is a sequence of continuous and countless endeavors. Any endeavor or struggle requires efforts from human beings and consumes energy upon execution. Humans are not impeccable, they have confined energy and fragile control over life events. Moreover, human beings have certain limitations, physical and mental. A person may not be able to predict or counter some threats or challenges during endeavors. The limitations of humans bring about unaccounted failures or crises.

Crises can be categorized into three levels; mild, mediocre and severe. Mild crises are minor complications that can be resolved on account of agile engagement with the problem. Mediocre crises are a tipping point of any life event; they require swift and wise counteractions. At the stage of severe crisis or disaster, the magnitude of the problem shoots to its apex and manifests its consequences at large.

Crises can be reverted or managed, nevertheless. It is noteworthy, there is no hard and fast rule to discover the origin of any crisis or stringent guideline to crisis management. Sometimes disasters befall by nature to fulfill certain Divine Ideals. That being so, it can be stated that change, disappointments and failures are inexorable – even indispensable – for natural flow of life. These are the tools which help the individual realize his or her purpose, eventually. However, people can avoid unnecessary crises, counter crises if they appear, and most importantly, learn from them manifold owing to open-mindedness and focused personality.

Our aim, in this post and in a few others to follow, is to keep the following focal point in mind:

Normally, crises are condemned with forthright bluntness. But a positive outlook towards examining and managing them reveals, interestingly, that they might hold, despite appalling appearances, some traces of fruitful learning.

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