Foundations of Crisis: What’s the Way Out?

Foundations of Crisis: What’s the Way Out?

Generally, there are two foundations of crises, internal and external. The internal factors are greatly regarded to one’s mind and actions. For instance, challenges that sprout owing to wrong decisions, erroneous judgment of various life experiences, harmful thoughts, lethargy, etc. It is noteworthy, rigidity, wrong accommodation, and negligence towards any change in life can also fuel it into crisis/disaster. It is recommended to listen to reason at times of dilemmas, be open during encounters with opposing motives, and purpose-driven/focused throughout exacting life events to make sure one stays on track.

External disasters emerge due to circumstances and aspects belonging outside a person’s mental circle, such as, exterior intervention, bad company, corrupt management/government, etc. Normally, it is understood the internal foundation of crisis is more critical and decisive than the external one.

The psychic state of a person during life endeavors and crises is of significance to us. Normally, it is assumed that efforts are essential, but sometimes even if one thrives tooth and nail, desired results are not produced in the anticipated timeframe. Moreover, there is always something more than what the person is aware of; specific variables can be overlooked by humans. On account of natural limitations, a person may get frustrated at times. A sudden change or crisis can get to a person’s expectations and ambitions. We are left with the inevitable query:

How can an individual struggle with this emotional state while he or she actually strives in the reality?

In our coming posts, we will aim to discover a satisfying answer to this question.

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