Human life is essentially an ideology-driven phenomenon. Behind every person’s story, there exists an ideology or philosophy. People become, or strive to become, what they conceptualize in their minds beforehand. The blooming of any idea or ambition in mind initiates at the early stage of life–as a child–and grows into a firm-rooted ideology when one reaches in his/her prime of life. People, once they identify their ideology, interlink it with their thoughts and actions; the very ideology functions as their preliminary and strongest driving force.

Generally, a rationally sound and morally just ideology, individual or collective, is bound to prosper.

It is particularly important to resonate our ideology of life when failure is confronted, so the tragedy doesn’t get to our heart, and also when success is realized, so the victory doesn’t get to our head. While self-accountability is necessary and even beneficial, but an excess of self-reproach or self-praise can infect the mind with acute thoughts and misleading assumptions. Resonance of ideology of life reinforces one’s focus and enables, time and time again, to grasp the bigger picture out of varied life events.

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