Curiosity and creativity are essential elements of any excellence in human life. Technically, curiosity is a strong desire to learn something while creativity is an imaginative ability to create something. The two elements find their groundwork at the individual’s dominant area of thinking or intelligence, for example, some minds excel in logical reasoning, some in emotional/artistic depiction, etc. Generally speaking, every individual is curious and creative by nature.

Education is the name of providing knowledge, imparting wisdom and preparing students for practical life. Curiosity is inquisitiveness for knowledge and understanding while creativity is the birthplace of wisdom and innovation. Educational institutions play the role of motivating curiosity and encouraging creativity in students considering their respective intelligence. Presence of micro-management in the system overlooks curiosity of learners, gradually, and suppresses their creativity, ultimately.

That is how micro-management is killing the intrinsic motivation of learners; consequently, self-motivated, self-regulated, and self-directed learners are a missing phenomenon of micro-driven setup, unfortunately.

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