Contentment and gratitude are two innate/latent human urges contributing to the mental and spiritual well-being of human beings.

Contentment is embracing happiness in one’s life and surroundings, unreservedly; it implies sense of fulfillment. Gratitude is expressing appreciation to one’s life and surroundings, genuinely; it indicates sense of recognition.

Harmonized, the feelings of fulfillment (take) and recognition (give) shape a worthy disposition and reputable Modus Operandi of an individual. Moreover, the approach of contentment and gratitude has psychic or spiritual implications that tie themselves, automatically, with social and material success.

At personal level, success is measured by three elements: Health (physical and mental), Faith or conviction and Financial independence. The lifestyle of contentment with gratitude has the tendency to preserve the triangle of success intact.

Despite, at collective level, a few more factors such as social esteem and civic responsibility are vital to ensure social tranquility.

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