Preservation of Achievements

Preservation of achievements is the course of improving one’s mindset, strategy and execuation approach, to be able to continuously pursue new goals.

Life Struggle: Execution of Strategies

Human life is an effort-return phenomenon. A person earns what he or she struggles for. Proactive execution pertains to the implementation of life philosophy, wholeheartedly, and application of goal strategy, wisely.

Normally, when a person has the resolve to accomplish something or to reach somewhere – and formulates a seemingly effective strategy during the process – he or she eventually triumphs. Be that as it may, there are some elements or essentials of right execution that cannot simply be overlooked, such as, effective communication, time management, discipline, optimal use of resources, work and leisure prioritization, utmost utilization of inner strengths, wise counteractions against outer threats, team building, competent improvisation of decision power, etc.

The world is filled with tough competition and capable men & women. Fighting, justly, to contend and outshine is inevitable for successful living, and ultimately building a rock-hard empire!

Power of Contentment & Gratitude

Contentment and gratitude are two innate/latent human urges contributing to the mental and spiritual well-being of human beings. Contentment is embracing happiness in one’s life and surroundings, unreservedly; it implies sense of fulfillment. Gratitude is expressing appreciation to one’s life and surroundings, genuinely; it indicates sense of recognition.

Harmonized, the feelings of fulfillment (take) and recognition (give) shape a worthy disposition and reputable Modus Operandi of an individual. Moreover, the approach of contentment and gratitude has psychic or spiritual implications that tie themselves, automatically, with social and material success.

Rock balancing showing contentment and gratitude
Photo by Tina Nord

On a personal level, success is measured by three elements: Health (physical and mental), Faith or conviction, and Financial independence. The lifestyle of contentment with gratitude has the tendency to preserve the triangle of success intact. On a collective level, a few more factors such as social esteem and civic responsibility are vital to ensure social tranquility.

Preservation of Achievements: A Contented Life

Human life is endless conflict and balancing between trials and reposes. Hard times knock at every person’s door, now and again, but so do good times. An inclusive explanation of the immaterial or potential dimension of this inconsistency in life is indefinable. We can say such is the order of the Divine Scheme. Nevertheless, the material or actual dimension is harnessed by humans themselves. That is, we are the masters of what we think (intentions), what we do (efforts and actions) and what we are and become eventually (outcomes).

Human nature has the predisposition of becoming indifferent or ungrateful to achievements that are realized, though earnestly pursued formerly. Nevertheless, to build an empire of achievements, it becomes imperative to lay a solid foundation by preserving preceding achievements along the way. Preservation of success is, in a sense, an integral part and parcel of human life. It is a frequent indicator for reforming and harmonizing our though-pattern and behavior-pattern. The ultimate objective is to lead a contented life.
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