There is a purpose to every effort, an objective to every goal and a reason for every action. Focus is keeping in mind the gist/target of anything one may be preoccupied with. Focus is the map to any journey; it reveals, intellectually and intuitively, new paths towards one’s destination. It inspires the traveler, motivating him or her at every turn. Focus adds meaning to efforts, which without it, are hollow. A distinctive quality of a focused person is his or her self-belief. It is noteworthy, firm faith or self-belief goes beyond the mental boundary of an individual and influences the intangible dimensions of reality. A person may experience multiple crises during endeavors. The magnitude of these flops can vary, but what cannot be defied is that firm faith, hard work and impartial attitude yields favorable outcome, sooner or later.

Every object, tangible or intangible, in the universe is recognized by its opposite. The principle of dualism elucidates the connection between any two terminal terms. For example, joy is distinguished by sadness, knowledge by ignorance, good by bad, appearance by reality, and so on and so forth. There would be no reason to call something itself unless the opposite of that thing existed. Similarly, hope is distinguished by fear. No matter how much anyone condemns fear, it is a part of life, as long as hope exists. According to the second law of thermodynamics, heat cannot transfer from the source in a heat engine until and unless there exists a sink!

Fear is not evil; it teaches us our weak spots. Once fear is recognized, a person becomes ready to embrace change. Change can often be in the shape of a crisis. Fear, if steered correctly, can guide a person through difficult situations. The goal is to recognize fear, not to succumb to it. Succumbing to fear can introduce tension in mind, followed by negativity. A negative mind is usually purposeless; contrarily, a positive mind is purpose-driven or focused. Holding to hope allows one to aim for the best, recognizing the fear enables one to plan for the worst. When a person is disciplined and prepared at both ends, obstacles/failures are withstood, on the way, and destination is realized, in the end!

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