Month: December 2016

Friendship – Bridge Between the Hearts

Abstract It has always been difficult and tricky to define friendship without overlooking any of its significant factors. In this article, through mentioning some of the known facts about friendship and relating them to our daily lives, I will try to describe it in relatively few words, according to my humble understanding. We all know human beings are gregarious by nature. It is due to this nature of ours, social life has immense infusion to our individual life. Perhaps that is why the great Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, claims man to be a social animal. Now friendship, if we further...

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Managing Trust Deficit

Trust Deficit A firm belief that someone or something is reliable, honest, effective, etc. is called trust. Trust has two dimensions – human as well as non-human. At human level, trust means to believe that somebody is good, sincere, honest, responsible, etc. and will not try to harm or trick you. At non-human level, trust means to believe that something is genuine, efficient, dependable, etc. and will not work faultily. Trust deficit means deficiency in trustworthiness of someone/something. Human personality has two facets – internal & external. At internal level, man is a combination of three interdependent identities of self, i.e., body, mind, and soul. Human body is visible aspect of self. Body plays manifold crucial roles during multiple life activities. A reliable role of a body depends on its healthy profile. A healthy body is fit physically and responds actively on multiple stimuli. Second, human mind is invisible aspect of self. A trustworthy mind is a stable combination of multiple intelligences. The prominent intelligences are perceptual intelligences, emotional intelligences, and intentional intelligences. A stable mind is reflective, sensitive, and constructive. Finally, human soul is spiritual aspect of self. An upright soul is shaped through proper satisfaction of naturally ingrained spiritual urges. The prominent spiritual urges are religious, aesthetic, and ethical. A balanced, moderate, and enlightened approach towards multiple spiritual urges forms a trustworthy soul. A trustable soul is...

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MORALE – Conceptual Perspective Human personality is the combination of three basic entities, i.e., body, mind and soul. Mind is endowed, naturally, with multiple intelligences. The prominent intelligences are Perceptual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Intentional Intelligence. The very basis of perceptual intelligence is intellect, while the sentiments and intentions are the foundation stones of emotional and Intentional intelligences, respectively.The growth and development of these The growth and development of these intelligences are essential for personal growth. The warp and woof of perceptual intelligence is knowledge and inference. The buildings blocks of emotional intelligence are sentiments of hate and love....

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