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The main objective of the Blog is to disseminate effective thoughts among readers. Effective Thoughts improve mental framework, knowledge profile and wisdom level of a reader.

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I’m Muhammad Ashhar. I don’t really look my age even though I am 16 years old. I live in Lahore, Pakistan. I hate noise, I like sports; but, I really love readingwriting, so you can probably guess how I spend most of my time. I am a student of PakTurk International Schools & Collages, studying Computer Sciences. I have an ardent enthusiasm for writing articles on multiple niches. Effective Thoughts is the place where I will represent my multi-layered thoughts through mere words.

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  • To make him a seasoned and professional writer, Ashhar publishes his work on E-zine/newspapers. He has successfully gained the Basic-Plus Author Badge from E-zine.

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  • As a good writer is also a good reader, and a good reader should be a good presenter. Muhammad Ashhar has a profile on SlideShare where he posts presentations covering multiple niches of life.


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