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A person inclined or ready to submit or yield to the authority of another, unresistingly and meekly, is submissive. A submissive behavior will correspond to others’ wills and projections. Without the expression of any thought of contradiction or unwillingness, the submissive person will simply comply. Such an individual doesn’t normally listen to reason, he or she either forgets about intellect or chooses to disregard it. It’s similar to wearing a leash around one’s neck and granting the leash’s other end to anyone who grabs it. The major emotional traits of such people are: Fear, Anxiety, & Self-doubt. ← Communication Personalities  ...

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Communication Personalities

In the dependent phase of life, most interactions of a child are carried out by parents or guardians. Also, children are likely to speak on their instincts, which can be blunt sometimes. But as time flows, interactions, planned or unplanned, without the intervention of adults become inevitable. The person’s perception of the public and society is also rectified. Consequently, different communication personalities are developed that evolve during collective interactions, namely, Submissive, Passive, Assertive, Aggressive and Oppressive. An individual may choose any life-patterns for living. It’s not altogether correct to assign a single absolute personality to a particular person, since...

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