Author: Muhammad Ashhar

Global Interdependence: Art of Understanding

The world, one may say, is presented as a depiction of diversity. We are distinct based not only on our appearances and lineage, but also on our beliefs and opinions. The relentless clashes between groups that we witness today do not transpire owing to mere simplicity of diversity, but because how gravely some take differences even to the extremes of bigotry and imposition. Compulsion, what I see, is not an illustration of dedication to one’s belief or group. Broadening the insight so one can encompass the quality of acknowledging differences, and still leave room for learning, is the true...

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Global Interdependence: Introduction

“You claim to be at one with 72 religious sects,” a public challenge arose before Rumi, a dignified Sufi mystic and thirteenth-century Persian poet, “but the Jews cannot agree with the Christians, and the Christians cannot agree with Muslims. If they cannot agree with each other, how could you agree with them all?” To this Rumi answered, “Yes, you are right, I agree with you too.” The purpose of this post, along with multiple others which will be published in the near future, is to propose and give our readers the idea of how globalization in this age might...

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Immigration of Thoughts: from Bigotry to Openness

Human ego and uncorroborated presumptions, as discussed in our previous post, have led some to establish an intolerant standpoint against the whole idea of immigration. This is, technically, holding on to the idols of bigotry. Mass opposition to immigration phenomenon hinders skilled immigrants to show their full potential, and so, hampers their productive struggle. To fully perceive the positive aspects of immigration, and to realize its social, economic and cultural benefits, let us shift our thoughts to modestly accept and appraise immigration phenomenon with a somewhat humble viewpoint. We can also establish open dialogues and activities between natives and...

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Opposition to Immigration – To What Extent is it Justified?

The opponents of immigration argue that continual dwindling of material resources and ever mounting growth of local population are paramount reasons for strict immigration rules. They suggest it is the right of already settled people of a region to enjoy native resources. The argument is valid only if it gets an endorsement from global bodies such as UN and International Organization for Migration (IOM). A biased or micro approach towards migration is against basic human rights. Moreover, it gives an impetus to human trafficking and massive exploitation of immigrants by natives. Historically, due to the ever-flying and incessant time,...

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Immigration: An Ongoing Human Crisis?

We discussed the phase before immigration, that is, reasons for immigration in our previous post. Now let us observe what happens after migration. Immigration is the most difficult struggle of human beings. After the course of moving, immigrants confront exacting challenges at the destined region, both individual and collective. It is responsibility of residents of a nation to create supportive conditions for every human being in their native region. Such treatment, of course, is expected for immigrants as well. Unfortunately, the current facts and figures are demonstrating the opposite. Treatment of immigrants by governments, employers, and native population is...

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