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Passive behavior is the diffidence or inability to express true opinions. Imagine for a moment that you are asked to do something which you don’t want to, or don’t have the time or ability to. The ambiance of that moment is also critical and you have to make a decision at once. Considering coaxing from the other end and your own incompetence to refuse, you accept the invitation against your better judgment. Classifying such reticence as submissiveness might seem slightly misleading. This is where we introduce passiveness – a kissing cousin of submissiveness, yet less extreme. Passiveness implies when...

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A person who is exploitative and despotic during varied life interactions is oppressive. A dictator or pseudo leader normally adopts oppressiveness. Figuratively, an oppressive behavior likes to demand everybody in sight to fall on their knees and submit. Without listening to any word of opposition, the oppressive person wants others to accept his or her methodologies, wrong they may be. Examples of oppressive personalities can also be found at smaller level. Your arrogant boss can be oppressive from time to time, for instance. The major emotional traits of such people are Pride, Hate, & Excessive Self-Importance. ← Submissiveness     ...

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